Quality policy declaration

Quality is regarded within the company as a way of life, and is based on achieving full customer satisfaction in the long run, while continuously striving for excellence and professionalism in all company fields of operation.

In order to maintain this culture of quality, the company involves all of its employees, without exception, through active and productive participation, aimed at improving the company’s performance quality.
Putting our customer in the center, and striving for excellence and professionalism are the basis of our quality culture and a way of life for the company.
The company’s quality culture is the key to our success, financial growth and development.

From within our desire to maintain this policy, and in order to reach our goals, we’ve set the following objectives:
• Company management will operate continuously to improve and update the personal knowledge of our employees in their areas of responsibility and/or areas relevant to the company.
• Employee training will be professional as well as quality-culture policy oriented.
• Suppliers of the company are partners in our success. Therefore, they will be chosen on the basis of their ability to supply the company with products and services which meet our quality requirements.
• In order to maintain a quality culture and reach the goals of the company, a quality management system will be implemented, which meets the ISO-9001 2008 standards, as well as B level quality requirements of the Procurement and Production Administration suppliers and applicable standards required by law.


Company quality objectives are:

– Providing technical, reliable, fast, personal and fair service to our customers.
– Reaching customer satisfaction for both internal and external customers.
– Expanding our market share and profit growth by decreasing customer complaints.
– Continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services.

These objectives will be surveyed quantitatively once a year within the framework of management assessments.

The results of objectives which are reached, will be presented to all of the employees in the framework of training and reviewing the company’s quality policy.

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